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No Signature Required is a nasty little body horror film starring Kate Jurdi, produced in 2022. It was on the festival circuit for about a year where it did very well. It has also been included in a feature length compilation called, Frights and Fears Vol. 1 which you can stream on Tubi.




  • Days Of The Dead - Bad Mutha Fucker (Best Of Fest)/Best Special Effects

  • Midwest Slam Fest - Best Horror/Thriller Short Film

  • S.O.S. Indie Horror Film Fest - Best Film

  • Six Feet Under Horror Fest - Best Short

  • Things 2 Fear Film Fest - Best Of Fest

  • Things 2 Fear Film Fest - Best Original Story

  • Things 2 Fear Film Fest - Best Special Effects

  • Things 2 Fear Film Fest - Best Visual Effects

  • Frights and Fears Horror Festival - Best Makeup/Visual Effects

  • Halloween Horror Festival - Best Special FX

  • Spring HorrorHound Film Festival - Honorable Mention: Best Writing

  • Bizarrya Short Film Festival - Finalist

  • Bloody Horror International Film Festival - Honorable Mention

  • The Dark Hedges International - International Audience Choice Runner Up

  • Vancouver Independent Film Festival - Semi-Finalist



  • Atlanta Horror Film Festival

  • Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival

  • Easthampton Film Festival

  • Hysteria Fest

  • LA International Horror Film Festival

  • Landshut Short Film Festival

  • Popcorn Frights Film Festival

  • San Francisco Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

  • Telluride Horror Show

  • TimeLess Shorts

  • Happenstance Horror Fest

  • Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest

  • Panic Fest

  • The Flint Short Film Freakout

  • The Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival

  • Venice Shorts

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